Hi – I’m James Miller. Welcome, thanks for dropping in. This is my poetry website.

I am a commuter, a traveller; someone who journies every day. I live with familiar strangers, watching and writing. The commuter inhabits a place in-between, somewhere not personal and not corporate.

My blog keeps track of new poems on the site. If you’ve been here before, do check it out and see. Output isn’t high, but I try not to let that bother me too much – I’m just pleased to be writing.

Until recently I had quite forgotten that I used to write poems when I was a lad. I would thump them out on my dad’s old manual typewriter and staple them together in little books. All of which seems very odd now, because my career isn’t based around words at all, but bricks, timber, iron and steel.

My first later-life poem was ‘From a Train: February 2006’, a few years after I started working in central London. I thought nothing of it, it was just a scribble. But five years later my short collection ‘Depart Sevenoaks 07:38’ made me a finalist in the Brit Writer Unpublished Awards – not huge in the arts world, but smart enough for me and complete with Sky TV cameras. A year later ‘The 18:21 has been cancelled’ achieved the same.

Not all the poems you’ll find here are written on the daily commute, but all are written in public places: on trains, in coffee bars, from railway platforms, over pizzas and – occasionally – in an airport lounge. My poetry is often observational, but equally it can be disconnected. I didn’t set out to write in public. It just turned out to be the place where I think. So every word you’ll find here is written whilst people are crowding round. Strangers. Passing lights.

I hope you enjoy browsing and reading. Thanks again for dropping in.


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