I am facing the end. Am I?

The end is coming very soon. That is, the end of my commuting. That is, the end of my regular commuting days on trains. Instead of catching the 07:37 slow – slow because my back kicks me if I stand on the crowded fasts, rammed whilst the London Bridge works go on (and on) – instead of that in January 2016 I move to work in my home town, Sevenoaks.

What will happen to my writing? I don’t know. First of all, I’m going to take to coffee shops and public benches. But my stranger-friends, the tough sardine-tin commuters, will all have gone.

Let’s see.

Meanwhile I’ve uploaded a number of new poems that include On the District Line One First of July, Katz, Greek Street and On Bidding for the Reconstruction of Glasgow School of Art. Eclectic, eh? I hope you enjoy them. Oh, and I’ve spotted that a couple need attention because they have somehow got chopped in the transfer, such as ‘Watching You’ and a couple of others. Sorry about that…